5 Villages Youth Group - this group is suspended at present March 2020

The Youth Group is open to children aged between 18m-16yrs who live in Compton Dando, Chewton Keynsham, Burnett, Queen Charlton and the Compton side of the river in Woollard. The group gives the kids a chance to meet up out of school time with other local kids and to get to know others in the villages, whilst learning new skills and working together as a team. We have been operating since 2011.

The group usually meets on the first Friday of each month during term time in the Parish Hall in Compton from 4-5.30pm. Currently [2015] the age range is between 2-12yrs, but when we first  started it was the teenagers who were using the group.

The children are expected to be accompanied by a parent and the group is run by a few volunteer parents, and we do like parents to help out at events. We provide one of the following: a themed activity, a bought in event, a visit, a walking event etc. We also run a Tuck Shop where the kids can spend their pocket money.

The group is funded by grants from our Parish Councillor, the Parish Council, BANES and our parent body, The Compton Dando Community Association.