2017 Calendars by the Community Association

The Slim Style Kitchen Calendars for 2017 have arrived – so get your order in early. £5 a calendar.
We do have a small number of card envelopes for posting, they are £1.50 each.

Congratulations to those whose photographs were chosen: Alice Prescott, Wayil Rahmatalla, Hannah Maggs and Alison ter Haar. Yes, Alice and Wayil did submit more photos, but then again, the quality of theirs was obviously outstanding, since all three judges chose the same top six photos. Thank you to Laura Boyce, Ron Waker and Lorna Howarth who also submitted photos this year, but sadly they were not successful.  Thank you to this year’s panel of judges: Clive Howarth, Chrissie Piercey and Barend ter Haar.

Cash or cheques [made out to Compton Dando Community Association] to either Alison ter Haar or Liz Stanbury. I have attached a picture of the front cover. To see the selected photos visit the History page.
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