Lovely film about rewilding part of the River Chew

Mossy Earth, in partnership with Bristol Avon River Trust, In this video we’re introducing our new project areas along the River Chew in south-west England, where we’ll be undertaking a variety of interventions to let the river run wild again.
0:00 Intro
1:20 Context
3:39 Beautiful habitat
6:28 The problems
7:51 Our project
The River Chew is a scenic watercourse that forms part of the Bristol Avon network of rivers, streams and lakes in the British countryside. Along stretches of the river, trees and vegetation provide food, shelter and spawning grounds for important migratory fish and invertebrates, including the protected Atlantic salmon. Where there is sufficient shade, trees help improve water temperatures, sediment levels and the riverbank. However, sections of the River Chew don’t have this delicate balance of vegetation cover and have been degraded by surrounding land use. Partnering with BART (Bristol Avon River Trust), we are focusing on river habitat restoration, riparian tree management, landowner engagement and habitat and fish spawning surveys to improve two key fish spawning tributaries.

You can read more about it here:…

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