Youth Group has visit from Edupet

Wendy Palmer from Edupet came to Youth Group on Friday 4th September bringing with her:

A ball python, cornsnakes, a tarantula, an iguana, bearded dragons, giant snails, giant stick insects, and giant centipedes, baby giant tortoises, a hedgehog, guinea pigs, rabbits, a duck, mice and assorted hamsters.

The kids were able to hold all of the above, if they wanted to, and so were some of the parents. Wendy gave the kids lots of information about the animals and a wonderful time was had by all.

Jacob with tarantula

Jacob with tarantula


Very enjoyable Craft Day

Monday 16th March saw another craft day, organised by Harriette Dottridge. 17 crafters and visitors came for the day to demonstrate or have a go at some of the following: spinning, weaving, bead work, Dorset buttons, embossing, soft toy making, crochet, felt making and glass work. A small profit of £25 was made which will go to CDCA funds.

6 Intrepid Walkers

Sunday 29th March was a blustery and wet morning. As they say March came in like a lamb and is maybe going out like a lion. We walkers were appropriately dressed and had a very pleasant, if blustery and sometimes wet, walk through Lord's wood where the wild daffodils are in full bloom.

We also inspected the work that has been going on in the woods to open them up and to increase the indigenous species of trees and to clear some of the streams.

We returned, much invigorated, to have a ploughman's lunch in St Mary's.